Advantages Of Using The Software Showmymap 


The use of maps in presentations can help enhance the website engagement and the presentation information. But many people don’t know how to do it without using a good mapping tool. Suppose one is looking for a program that helps to map multiple locations then one should look off for showmymap.

 This interactive tool is used for mapping by many people. This software can be easily used, and all one needs to do is to put the details of a location in the spreadsheet. This mapping tool can easily convert the addresses into a map. One of the biggest advantages of a custom-made map is that it helps to have a better involvement with the audience. It also helps the website visitors to have an understanding of a particular topic and also meets the logistic needs.

How is this software helpful?

With the help of this software, one can customize their map according to their preference and needs. One can even map multiple locations, such as stores, addresses, areas of interest, etc., and give out to anyone on the internet or a selected individual. It also helps to optimize routes. The making of the map is done with the help of these tools, which also have an HTML link that renders an option to embed that map on the specified website. The implanting of the map on the specified website is very easy, and one needs to copy the link and paste it. Not only does this software help to map multiple locations, but it also has a filter that helps to sort the data of the map with the help of clustering grouping and filtering tool that helps to specify the data that one wants to look at and also wants to be displayed. The use of mapping and a little help to reveal the unique perception of the presenter.

To create a long-lasting impression on the audience with the presentation, one can use the great analytics features of this software for mapping.

The steps to be followed for customization of a map in this software are:-

  • The location data or addresses should be entered on the spreadsheet.
  • The location should be copied and pasted on the data box of the showman home page.
  • The option “set and validate” should be used to ensure that everything is properly organized.
  • Then one should tap on the option that says, “create the map.”
  • A title should be given as well as the description of the map should also be present.
  • The email address should be given so that one gets the link to their map.
  • Then one should save their map, and then they can easily use it in their presentation.


The mapping tool can be used by any individual because of these features, which can be very helpful for them. They can customize their map and can allocate multiple locations on the map. One can use such mapping options for free or pay an affordable amount to access the extra features. They also give a guarantee of returning the money-back if they don’t like the services. This tool is also beneficial for all kinds of businesses because of its various features and advantages. This tool can be easily accessed with the help of the  link.

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