Make Your Company’s Digital Hub the go-to Place for Employees with the Help of AI


How much time is wasted when employees need to search all over the place to find what they’re looking for? According to IDC, a knowledge worker spends about 2.5 hours per day, or roughly 30% of the workday, searching for information. For a midsized company, that translates into 655,000 wasted hours every year (2.5 hours/day x 262 work days a year x 1,000 employees = 655,000 wasted hours).

Imagine if your employees could find what they need in one place, whether they’re being onboarded, looking for department-specific knowledge, or searching for HR or IT information. Making your company’s digital hub the go-to place and single point of entry for employees can make a big difference to their happiness and sense of productivity and your bottom line.

Creating a Great Digital Hub 

One of the risks of creating a digital hub is not remembering that your audience is your employees. All too often, a company will use intranet software to create a digital hub that is designed for the company. It is focused on company data, company processes, and company requirements.

If you expect your hub to be the entry point for your team, you need to use your intranet management software to create a hub that is inviting for people to use. Your hub needs to connect the digital workplace to the enterprise applications and data. When users log in, they see a menu of available apps, including ERP, CRM, human resources management (HRM), and more. When they open an app, it is ready to go. And if they open the app on their desktop and then switch to their phone, the phone picks up where the desktop left off.

A great digital hub is not only inviting, but it enables team members from around the world to collaborate with one another in real-time.

Using Intranet Software Tools Is the Way to Go

One of the best ways to improve the efficiency and productivity of your workplace is to make knowledge easy to find. This helps employees be effective, productive, and empowered in their work, wherever they are. Using AI-based intranet software tools means not only that your employees will have one place to search but that their searches will be dynamic and contextual. And the good news is that you can layer AI over your current tech stack. All you need to do is index content and connect data to start seeing your workplace systems get smarter.

Making your digital hub be about your employees’ experience, not about the company, can make a big difference.

Creating Personalized Intranet Portals

In addition to making your company’s digital hub the go-to place for employees, you can personalize the experience for each department and each person. You can proactively suggest key knowledge resources based on who each person is department-wise and individually.

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