Basics you didn’t know about Google Cloud Platform


Google Cloud Platform is a set of Google-based public cloud computing services. The platform offers a variety of hosting options for Google hardware computation, storage and application development.

You will need a solid internet with specialized network connection to use the Google Cloud Platform services. These services will be offered by software developers, cloud administrators and many IT firms around you.

If you are running your small business, you may go for google cloud services and utilize all the sections to benefit your brand.

Services Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud provides computer, storage, networking, Big Data, etc. Not only that, you will also get to see machine learning, cloud management, security and developer services. Google Cloud’s main cloud computing procedures offer various things.

Here, in this informative guide we will talk about them because they are the basics.

Databases and storage

  1. Cloud Storage- it works as storing and serving objects, files, etc. It is a unified object storage service, with a variety of storage choice. The options will possess low-latency, high QPS content serving, and served to users across geographic regions.
  2. SQL- it is known as the ‘Cloud A fully-managed MySQL’ database service for MySQL’s fundamental base.
  3. Bigtable- it consists of HBase NoSQL Compatible. Know that NoSQL Big Data Base service offers high performance. It can perfectly handle heavy workloads with consistently low latency.
  4. Cloud Datastore- here we will see a particular thing named Hierarchical Distributed Key or Value Storage is. Research shows that NoSQL less database schema for non-relational data storage.
  5. Calculator- it is like a virtual machine, and it has disks and will require networks to do the jobs. You may get to know about the IaaS service as well which will be offering on Google’s infrastructure virtual machines which is known as VMs.
  6. App Engine- it will work as a managed platform for applications. A PaaS service will be there to create web apps and mobile backends. The service will be using pre-configured container instances. There will be Standard App Engine libraries and a number of possible runtimes for many activities.
  7. Container Engine- it is known as a container that is also a system for cluster management and orchestration of Docker container coordination. It is built on the Kubernetes open source project.
  8. Registry of Containers- it is actually offering private registry and storage Container while giving services.

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