Conducting AGM webcast during Covid-19 Pandemic


Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the mandatory gathering of all the shareholders and the board of directors of the company at the end of every year. AGM is conducted every year to improve and concentrate on the company’s interest, strategy, and performance. The board of directors present the annual performance of the company to the shareholders in AGM. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has been difficult for many companies to conduct AGM. To make it easy for companies to conduct AGM the government of Singapore passed a new law on 7th April 2020 and 4th September 2020 allowing registered companies to conduct virtual AGMs

Virtual AGM

Technologies with high-end AGM webcast are helping out companies to conduct virtual AGM in Singapore without any interruption or difficulty. These technological companies help other companies to conduct their AGM through video conferencing or live stream. The annual general meeting is of great importance to the shareholders and the board of directors of any company. Therefore it is vital to have a secure and reliable source of connection to conduct the company’s virtual AGM. The agency outsourced to carry out this activity for the business ensures everything is under control and everything runs smoothly for the annual general meeting to be conducted for the company.

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