Getting The Help, You Need To Market Your Website Effectively


Many small to medium companies do not utilise their website effectively, and it is nothing more than a digital business card with little traffic going to the site. If you do not market your website correctly, no matter what industry you are in, you are getting left behind by your competitors and missing out on growing your company. You will need either the assistance of a digital marketing agency, or hire the skills to work in-house, and below are how they can get your website working for you, instead of holding you back.

Finding The Hidden Errors

Although you may not realise it there can be a lot of problems with your website that is holding it back in the organic search engine listings. The first step an in-house SEO or an agency will do is create a website audit, which will highlight all the issues the site currently has. They can then prioritise the work and ensure the most important aspects are taken care of first. A comprehensive audit of the website and Google Search Console can highlight various issues, such as missing Page Titles and H1 headers, the indexability of the site, off-page, and on-page ranking factors analysis, and much more.

After The Audit

Once the audit is complete, and everything highlighted has been fixed, such as new content, fixing all on-site issues, and performing a backlink analysis, you can then look at marketing your site. You may wish to consider the paid forms of advertising that search engines and social media platforms offer, which is an excellent way to get some quick wins. However, to increase your digital footprint and gain more traffic to your site, you will have to generate lots of unique, relevant, and engaging content.

You can post the content you make on your website blog or your social media accounts, and you can also use your content for building links. To create a link, you will want to write some unique content that contains the keyword you are working on and create a hyperlink with that text that points back to the relevant page on your site. You will also need to publish this content on a site with authority, and it is appropriate to the keyword, and the post in general. There are other types of links that you can build, but these are typically the most effective kind.

Innovate, Do Not Replicate

Although there are guidelines for SEO issued by the search engines, what works for one company may not necessarily work for another. Hence, a trial-and-error approach needs to be adopted when creating a marketing plan for your business. As such, it is much better to be innovative, try new things and see what works, than replicating what other companies are doing. If you stand out from the crowd with your marketing, especially social media, you can turn your small brand into a household name. Whether you use an agency or do it in-house, it will still take time and a lot of hard work.

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