Not all grades are adjunct to one’s academic performance. In this case, many things are graded based from their different characteristics or benefits. One of this is clarity grades for Diamonds. This clarity grade is what you call VVS.

A VVS Diamond is a clarity grade based from its gemological factors such as size, color, inclusions, and imperfections. All these things affect the passage of light through a stone. In diamonds, the more imperfections seen, the lower the grade is.

To lay down its gist, Flawless (F) and Internally Flawless (IF) are the highest clarity grades while Very, Very, Slightly included (VVS) comes next. Very Slightly included (VS) diamonds are considered as the lowest clarity grade together with Slightly included (SI) and included (I).

What Makes the VVS Diamond Stand out?

When buying a diamond, the wearer takes consideration of what the diamond appeals to them. This is why when buying a VVS diamond, they tend to fall in love with them. Despite not having the highest clarity (F or IF), imperfections of a VVS diamond are only recognizable under high magnification. This means that the diamond is eye flawless – without blemish in the naked eye.

Another huge factor that stands out with a VVS Diamond is of course, its price. It is no Sherlock Holmes that whenever diamonds are flawless, the price smoothens as well. Even if the price of a VVS diamond is incomparable to a Flawless, they are still more expensive than the lower clarity ones. Making this an investment can be beneficial if the owner plans to sell it a few years from now.

Should You Buy It or Not?

As stated above, a VVS diamond is not much of a bad purchase. If the owner only buys diamonds that are in the upper scale of clarity then buying a VVS diamond should not be a worry. It would be best to consider the carat, color and cut of the diamond to make it even more worth the buck.

However, if the dilemma is quality and budget, lower clarity grade diamonds like VS, SI and I are not impure at all. Much like a VVS diamond, some of them are eye flawless as well. Apart from it is that the price is lower secondary to its clarity grade. To make it fancy, when paying for a lower clarity grade diamond, it is best to pay a little extra for a larger carat or a better cut. This way the buyer can achieve a mocked Flawless diamond when finally worn.