The Blog: An Underestimated Pillar Of Digital Marketing


 It must be said that, since the beginning of the internet, blogs have suffered from many prejudices that are not easy to stop. Digital marketing in industrial marketing agency. Your blog can become your secret weapon for online success; it’s all about doing it right. It is, therefore, important to take the time to create a quality blog and to integrate it adequately into your strategy.

 An Endless Source Of New Content

We tend to associate blogs with the world of newspapers and entertainment, but they play a vital role in the content strategy of many other sites. The difference is that most of these sites do not actively promote their blog on their homepage.

The logic behind this approach is to consider that the blog is used to bring new visitors to the website through search engines and that, because the blog content will please them, these Internet users will click on other pages of the site, which will lead to conversions. So, ironically, visitors may think the website doesn’t have a blog because they can’t find it on the homepage, but they may have ended up on the homepage because ‘they clicked on a blog post in Google results.

Regularly updating a blog with best b2b website designs while placing it in a less visible part of the site is a good way to constantly signal to search engines that the content of the site is fresh, up-to-date, and authoritative while not touching the pages Carefully written sales pitches that have gone through so much analysis, from A/B testing and ad campaigns, have become so fine-grained that they shouldn’t be changed too much.

A Versatile Tool

You don’t have to title your website’s ” Blog ” section to use blogging content marketing principles. The name and content of a blog do not have to be fixed. Blogs can explore topics that are more or less related to a site’s products. The bottom line is that they still include important keywords and maintain a logical connection to the rest of the website.

 This more flexible identity also goes hand in hand with other expectations on the part of blog readers; they seek to learn interesting things while having fun. Blogs are a great place to experiment with new content, which is essential for obtaining and maintaining good rankings. Sometimes a blog post is just the start of a new approach that attracts customers uniquely.

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